Team 23 & 24

Explore Gotland

During an eventful afternoon, you will explore the world heritage city of Visby and its surroundings by bicycle. Good food throughout the activity and you will meet exciting food producers and chefs, experience local flavors, guess unexpected ingredients and answer questions about historical food. Have a good time, eat well and at the same time experience Gotland’s magnificent nature and history!

Together with your teammates you can visit five different restaurants that offer food and treats and in between there are also 12 hidden treasure chests. Find them and answer the questions to find out the code to the last treasure. Nice prizes await the winning team!

Team summary below

Restaurant no 1

Ice break

This old ruin used to be a church, just like many of the other ruins in Visby. But this special one has loads of secret spaces and stairs, where the priest did hide all their gold and treasures when the big reform happened at the 16th century. They tried to hide it for a better day, who knows – maybe that day is today, will you find any treasures? Just don´t get lost…

In this beautiful ruin you will meet IceBlizz, an extraordinary ice cream maker, that makes incredible ice cream with flavors you would not have dreamed of. What do you think of rose petals, lavender and strawberries or why not sour golden lemon? It´s all made of carrots, yes carrots, and berries from Gotland of course, and it´s all VEGAN, hurray! Her fantasy has no limits, who knows what you will have today?  

Restaurant no 2

Beggars & buns

This magnificent old ruin is one of the biggest on the island, it was built as a monastery by beggars, but was never really finished. The greatness and grand of the building strike you the moment you see it, and when you step inside you can feel the history reveals itself. The Saint Katarina, later named Karin, was to protect the monastery. But you won´t have to beg to get something to eat here, we promise you that.

Inside this colossal building you will find Egil, from Egils Kitchen. As one of the biggest catering services on Gotland, he has served everything from great sport stars to farmers, and he does it with just as big a heart every single time. He always makes sure that the dish will be inspired and taste like Gotland. And he is also an expert on our former Prime Minister Olof Palme’s murder, ask him anything!

Restaurant no 3

Sausage with a view

”Are we in Scotland, thought we were in Gotland?”. Yes, you still are, and the environment is breathtaking. Södra Hällarna Nature reserve is one of our most popular places to visit, for both tourists and locals. You find everything here, characteristic windswept pine trees, crazy steep walls and if you go down to the stony beach it´s rich of fossils. And the view, what can we say, it leaves you speechless. And what´s more genuine to enjoy right here than a local made hotdog with extra everything?

Petter with crew are producing sausages and charcuteries made only from local meet and vegetables. They are so good, they got a price just recently for their pancetta as ”magnificent piece of craft”. Today they will give you one of their other specialties, a vegan sausage that taste like heaven, and of course homemade bread. And toppings. What´s not to like? Talk sausage with the guys, their knowledge and enthusiasm is inspiring.

Restaurant no 4

Say cheeeezze!

Outside Visby city wall, you will notice that the ground is very hilly and uneven. It’s called ”the Graves”, and it´s a result from when the wall was built, a wall that the city dweller built to keep the farmers out. The stones in the wall were taken from the graves just outside the wall. The tension between the towns people and the farmers at last ended up with a war where the farmers were slaughtered and were laying dead outside the wall.

But despite the horror in the history, there´s also something nice, because it was here the people built a lovely park called ”Palissaderna” in honor of queen Josefine in the 19th century.

Among graves, walls and the queens park, you will find Gotland’s most famous and reputable cheese store, or at least representatives from the store. There is NOTHING they don´t know about cheese, and they will make sure you will accommodate both your cheese urge and longing for cheese knowledge.

Restaurant no 5

Cinnamon café

Welcome to Gotlandsänget, a park right by the sea and Wisby City Wall. In the beginning of August every year, this is where Medieval week takes place – and the park is filled by medieval dressed visitors from all around the world. This park is also a perfect spot for a Swedish picknick, and what can be more Swedish than cinnamon buns from Själsö bageri? 

Nice prizes await the winning team!

Treasure hunt

In the medieval town of Visby there are lots of exciting secrets. Among church ruins, in cozy courtyards and along winding streets, we are constantly reminded of the island’s rich history.

In and around Visby, we have hidden 12 treasure chests with clues. Find them all and answer the questions to find out the code to the big treasure. Nice prizes await the winning team! 

Team 23 & 24


12:50 Ice break

13:30 Beggars & buns

14:10 Sausage with a view

14:50 Say cheeeze!

15:15 Cinnamon café

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