Team 55 & 56

Explore Gotland

During an eventful afternoon, you will explore the world heritage city of Visby and its surroundings by bicycle. Good food throughout the activity and you will meet exciting food producers and chefs, experience local flavors, guess unexpected ingredients and answer questions about historical food. Have a good time, eat well and at the same time experience Gotland’s magnificent nature and history!

Together with your teammates you can visit five different restaurants that offer food and treats and in between there are also 12 hidden treasure chests. Find them and answer the questions to find out the code to the last treasure. Nice prizes await the winning team!

Team summary below

Restaurant no 1

Ice ice baby

Here right by Gotland Hospital you find one of Swedens biggest ruins from a hospital. Not many ruins are located outside the wall, and it have its explanations. At this hospital patients with leprosy was treated. S:t Göran was the Saint of Leprosys. They could not be kept in the city because risk of infection. On the back of this amazing ruin Gotlands most beautiful hiking trail, “Trail of Love” starts – a nice shortcut heading north. 

And here you meet the biggest ice cream makers on Gotland. It´s all ecological, made here on the island of course and they have made a recycle system for their ice cream boxes, it´s all about the environment, and we love it. The ice cream truck will provide you with a dessert you will never forget, and how will you be able to pick just one topping? Why not take them all?

Restaurant no 2

Beets & bubbles

In the center of Wisby old town you find this magnificent ruin of an old church. Its sometimes called ”The ruin of the Holy Spirit”. The church burnt down in the seventeenth century and is now one of the biggest and most beautiful old ruins, that whisper memories from the old medieval days. The unique shape of no less than eight walls, an octagon, is one of a kind. Feel det magic, and try the stairs, they are many but the reward is worth it.

In this mysterious environment you will meet our friends from Apples & Pears, and also from Sparkling Tea. These two fantastic Gotlandic companies will offer you an uplifting salad made of nearby grown beetroots, vegetables and cereals, and Caroline will make sure you don´t go thirsty. Her company is the first on Gotland to make a nonalcoholic sparkling drink made out of tea. The fresh taste and magic bubbles will accompany the beetroots and give you a fantastic experience.

Restaurant no 3

Slice on the beach

In the north part of Wisby, at the end of one of our most popular beaches, you will find this oasis of retreat and luxury. Here you can enjoy nature, the sea and the beach in a slow comfortable pace. High above the ocean you can hear the seagulls laughing, telling you to relax. Here you will meet the staff at SNACK food and bar, where they make the most delicious pizzas, made from scratch of course. They can also offer you a nice drink in their bar if you fancy a pitstop.

Restaurant no 4

Hangin´ around

This place is just as cool as it is scary, you get amazed at the same time as you get the shivers. At ”Galgberget” or as it is in translation, ”Gallows Mountain”, they used to hang, or behead villains in the middle ages. Travelers coming in by sea could easily see the dead bodies hanging in the gallows, maybe this was a way to scare visitors to behave! Today it´s the most well-kept places of execution in Sweden.

At one of Gotland’s coolest places you will meet a few of Gotland’s coolest dudes, the guys from Ö- chips. The make the most delicious chips from only Gotlandic raw materials, and it´s crazy popular. These guys know how to throw a nice and relaxed party, so sit down, listen to some tunes and enjoy their snack, and their secret drink…

Restaurant no 5

Cinnamon café

Welcome to Gotlandsänget, a park right by the sea and Wisby City Wall. In the beginning of August every year, this is where Medieval week takes place – and the park is filled by medieval dressed visitors from all around the world. This park is also a perfect spot for a Swedish picknick, and what can be more Swedish than cinnamon buns from Själsö bageri? 

Nice prizes await the winning team!

Treasure hunt

In the medieval town of Visby there are lots of exciting secrets. Among church ruins, in cozy courtyards and along winding streets, we are constantly reminded of the island’s rich history.

In and around Visby, we have hidden 12 treasure chests with clues. Find them all and answer the questions to find out the code to the big treasure. Nice prizes await the winning team! 

Team 55 & 56


12:50 Ice ice baby

13:30 Beets & bubbles

14:10 Slice on the beach

14:50 Hangin´around

15:15 Cinnamon café

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